#1 UN for Taiwan披風

#2 MIT

#3 標準服裝

#4 標準姿勢

#5 拍照留念

#6 重軍壓境

#7 真歡喜

#8 搖旗

#9 國際朋友

#10 歡呼

#11 台中市代表

#12 晚會開始

#13 人真多

#14 表演節目真好看

#15 你說對啊不對啊
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  • BG
  • 這時候偶棉在吃火鍋的樣子
  • 你們去遊行

    raindog73 於 2007/09/17 13:04 回覆

  • chopinvalse
  • 看來您沒遊行
  • 嗯...我也在那邊等好久

    raindog73 於 2007/09/17 13:06 回覆

  • 披頭王
  • 這些照片都是歷史的證據,台灣加油!
  • 有機會見證這次的活動,感覺很棒~

    raindog73 於 2007/09/18 06:39 回覆

  • ldmen
  • 那天,大家對這塊土地的熱情,都洋溢在臉上。

  • 那天大家都很高興,隨便拍都沒關係啦~

    raindog73 於 2007/09/21 22:50 回覆

  • leikey
  • Can you feel the difference of taiwan joining the UN or not? I do not think Taiwan should follow the mainland, but I do not think Taiwan can join the UN either. This is not the history evidence, it is just a play of the politicians. If you want history evidence, then read it from literature, not only from the stupid and bias politicians.
  • Sorry that I really feel your thought is just bias and stupid.
    Why do you have any right to judge Taiwan should join or not?
    Are you a citizen of Taiwan?
    If not, please shut up and stop to judge anything on my blog.
    History evidence so what?
    The future of Taiwan should be decided by Taiwan citizen,
    not by any foreign or China.

    raindog73 於 2009/02/24 21:30 回覆

  • leikey
  • We has the responsibility of respecting the history, we also have the responsibility of telling the trueth to the children. The most unbelivable thing is some people in taiwan even thought their ancestors were from japan, that is definitely stupid. Come on man, do not forget how Japanese kill your fellow citizen in the second world war.
  • What you knew and heard is not truth.
    From Japan? Hahahaaha...this is the first time I heard that.
    Nobody will tell his children this.
    It's stupid, however, who believes this stupid is really stupid.
    Why not saying everybody's acestors came from Africa?
    Taiwan people are well-educated now and know more truth
    that was covered by KMT for 50 years.
    By the way, the nationalism was already out of date.
    Nobody should consider things only from the view of race.

    raindog73 於 2009/02/24 21:28 回覆

  • 狗弟
  • 他應該不是外國人啦,因為文法跟單字錯不少...看得懂中文就寫中文才是。
  • 不知道是不是阿六仔

    raindog73 於 2009/02/26 07:46 回覆